Arthur Trio
C++/C# Game Programmer
World Of Waw

For the company World Of Waw, I had the role of Untiy developer. Word Of Waw mainly focusses on creating product-configurators and augmented reality apps, most of which are made in Unity. Because they are a startup, I had the oppertunity to work on more than just the front end development. I could bring my own idea's to the table and help setup the build pipeline.


The configurator is a product catalogue for companies that want to show there products in 3D and augmented reality. The biggest work here was the maintainability of the app. Since there were multiple companies that each want something different, we had to think very carefully where we would code the new features. Also all the models (sometimes up to 200+) where stored on a server, which at runtime where downloaded to the clients device. that way the app was under the 100Mb mark and instead of 1Gb or more. This experimenting for new pipeline ideas made working on the project a lot of fun for me.